How to Prepare for Engraving

How to Prepare for Engraving

May 17, 2018 Posted by melbourneit - No Comments

Having an item engraved gives it a touch of class. There are a few things that you can do to prepare to help ensure that your engraving turns out perfectly.

1. Write Out the Wording for Your Engraving Clearly, and Check For Spelling Mistakes

Your engraver will give you exactly the wording that you ask for. Your spelling therefore needs to be spot on. Heel and Soleman Brisbane need to be able to read your writing to copy it accurately. If you can, type it out!

2. Keep in Mind the Space that You Have Available

Engravers need to ensure that there is ample room for us to engrave so that the engraving can be easily seen and read. We can work with a variety of surfaces however a reasonably flat surface is ideal.

3. Plan Your Engraving

Are you looking for text, pictures, logo or a combination of these? There are countless options! If what you are having engraved is copyright, we will need permission from the business.

If you can provide us with a text or image file outlining the look that is perfect. Otherwise Phenq review a sketch, drawing or handwritten order is sufficient. You don’t need to be an artist!

4. Request a Quote

Contact us for a quote for your engraving job. Have the measurements, wording and any images ready.

5. Allow Ample Time for Engraving

Allow time for your engraving to be done. Although last minute jobs are sometimes possible we cannot guarantee fast turnarounds. Book your engraving in ahead of time to avoid disappointment.

6. Ask Us for Advice on Engraving in Brisbane

We have done countless engraving jobs and know what works best with what materials. Speak to us about the best contrast and look for your engraving project.

At Heel and Soleman we are renowned for our professionalism, and fine workmanship when it comes to heel and shoe repairs, key-cutting, watch repairs and engraving in Brisbane regions. Contact us for more information today.